Saturday, January 31, 2009


This was a Facebook thing, but I thought all of you non-facebook-ers would like to know some little things about me too:

1. I got a new re-built Bach Stradivarius for my birthday!
2. I’ve practiced new trumpet almost everyday since I got it. BIG difference!
3. I’m working on my masters degree in Library Science. I only have 5 classes left (+ Capstone), including the Advanced Storytelling class I’m in right now. I can only manage one class at a time, however, between working full time and taking care of twins.
4. I have 6-year old (identical) twins, Sean and Ashton. I can’t believe they’re in 1st grade this year! They’ve lost 12 teeth between the two of ‘em.
5. I love children’s literature best, and Young Adult. Probably because I never grew up.
6. Of that variety, Fantasy is my favorite genre. I’ll also bridge out to the adult section for these ones…
7. I have a tattoo on my left ankle. Any guesses what it is? Yes, you know me too well! ☺
8. One day, when my two cats Max and Jewels, “kick it” as Kevin likes to call it, I’m going to save up to buy a Savannah Cat. A Savannah Cat is a serval (an African wildcat) crossed with a domestic breed, and is as big as a dog. How cool would that be to see me running down the street with my cat?!
9. Oh yeah, running. I ran over 600 miles in 2008. Lots on my treadmill, and lots outside in the hills that is our city.
10. Which is up from the just over 400 miles in 2007. What will 2009 bring? I did run 50 miles in January, which is right on track for another 600 miles in 2009…
11. I like to bake. Muffins, cakes, pies, cookies, and bread from scratch. I can’t wait for anything long enough to cool down- my favorite is to eat it hot, as soon as the pan will let go…
12. I’m not a terrific cook. I like recipes. But this past year I’ve gotten better at experimenting with different combinations of food, and most of it has turned out pretty good! I call my creations, Concoctions. I know. Original.
13. This July I will have been married for 10 years. Does that make me old?
14. Speaking of old, I have exactly 11 days of my 20’s left.
15. I used to be addicted to solitaire on my computer in college. Bad. Instead of writing papers at 2 in the morning I’d be playing that stupid addicting game. But no more! I went cold turkey when I graduated. I don’t even play it with cards anymore.
16. My favorite TV shows: Scrubs, Gray’s Anatomy, House, and now, Leverage, in that order. Since when did I start liking medical shows?
17. My grandmother is an artist, and has painted some beautiful oil paintings in her lifetime. Since I always took every music class that was offered in school, I never took any art classes. I LOVE color and am pretty good at combining color and creating abstract art, but realistic drawing was never a skill I’ve developed. I wonder where I could have gone if this is the route I’d taken instead? I guess it’s never too late to start… I’d love to take some art classes, perhaps after I finish my masters.
18. My favorite color is green. Of the jade or forest variety. Emerald works too.
19. I’m a cheap date. 2 glasses of wine ‘l do me nicely.
20. I love roses. And I remember most of my dreams come morning. At least little snippets of them~
21. I am not the best speller. But people at the library keep asking me. You’d think they’d know better by now.
22. I am the tech person at my library. People come to me for help with computer or technology problems. Scary.
23. I should be doing homework right now instead of typing this.
24. I have a really COOL blog:
25. I really miss my long hair. Sigh.

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michael said...

Hi Amber and Kevin,
Happy Birthday Amber!!!! Kevin congrats on your concert it sounded wonderful. I wish we were there. You both have lots to celebrate. We are so proud of you. With Love, Aunt Sandee