Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scott and Sara Got Married!

Yaaaaay! I missed the day and all the fun, but my mom and older brother were able to go to Yellowstone where they tied the knot at a little chapel after a fun weekend of winter sports, including snowshoeing and dog sledding! They wore saris they bought when they visited India last year. A little S&S background: they met at UNR in a swords class where they were learning a Japanese style of the sport, and officially started dating on 3/2/01. Nine years later they were married on this same day, 3/2/10. I LOVE fun numbers like this, and the fact that they remembered this day nine years later shows what a loving and unique relationship they have. I was lucky enough to talk to Scott about 45 minutes before they got married, and he couldn't have sounded happier. My mom said Scott was glowing, with the most serene smile on his face and complete joy emanating from his being throughout the entire three minute ceremony. Sara is one intelligent, beautiful, athletic girl, and I couldn't have picked a better match for my baby brother. My best wishes and hopes go out to both of you, and that you will have happy and fulfilling lives. And come often to visit me (and cook for me Scotty) because I miss you both like crazy. Love you both, and my most sincere welcome to you Sara. Please take care of my Scott :)

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