Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Trail Run

Today I got up and didn't feel particularly like running, even though I am actually home on a rare Saturday (concert later at Nightingale Hall at UNR- the alumnae Wind Symphony is playing a free concert at 3:00 if anyone is interested!). So I cleaned my house for a good hour and a half when I got up (which means, only about 2/3 of the downstairs. HA.). I was starting to go stir crazy after finding 2 broken umbrellas (hidden, thanks boys), so I stretched and headed out the back door to visit my favorite trail, Jones Whites Creek Trail, which starts about a quarter mile from my house. And guess what? I had the best trail run ever! For the first time, I didn't stop (it's all uphill from my house- a lovely windy, rocky, muddy technical trail)! I went slow on the steep parts and kept my breathing even. I gave my rock a proper hello and plowed up the steepest part of the trail that always knocks the wind out of me.

I kept going past the furthest point I've ever run on this trail, and only stopped for 20 seconds to look around to take in the view from up there. Then I zoomed back home for a total time of 66 minutes, which is a half mile longer than this exact same run I did last weekend, but only 4 more minutes in time. I'm proud of me! I hope I can keep it up- it was a lovely mind-clearing run. The best kind.

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Turi said...

Beautiful day for a run! Glad you got out there.