Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Choir Boys

On Sunday Sean and Ashton got to wear choir robes for the first time and sing in church! They were adorable. I loved listening to those perfect little voices singing the high parts as can only come naturally for children. Here is a picture of them practicing, with Sue, their director, at the far left playing piano (she is a fantastic pianist- she played for Kevin's Master's recital as well). You can see the backs of their dark heads in front of the piano:
And another picture before church started:

And finally, St. John's in all it's glory! I know they are small, but Sean and Ashton are left front and center:

They make their mama proud! I miss singing in choir, but am still loving playing in the hand bell choir. Easter Sunday is coming up, and I'll get to play in a brass quartet and in the bell choir~ :)

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