Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Back in early February we got lots of fog and freezing temperatures. What does this combination create? Pogonip! Also known as hoarfrost and a particular circumstance to this side of the country it seems. When I peeked outside that morning (sorry, don't remember the exact date), I was excited to see the pogonip that had formed on all the flora around my house. I grabbed my camera and raced outside in my jim-jams, big coat and boots to snap a few shots before it melted. I recommend on clicking on each photo to make it BIG. :)

A close up:

Another close up:

Beautiful. We haven't had freezing fog like this since the winter of 2004 or 2005? Anyone else remember? I took pictures of it then too. Just wanted to share these with ya~

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Gretchen said...

Beautiful! I love the awesome artwork of nature. When I lived in Minnesota, I used to be fascinated by the patterns of the ice crystals on my bedroom windows.