Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mighty Minds!

Sean and Ashton practiced for their second grade musical, Mighty Minds, for several months, and the production was impressive indeed! Sean landed one of the lead roles. There was a Mighty Science Mind, Mighty Math Mind, Mighty History Mind, Mighty Spelling Mind, and the most important role in this musical (in my mind anyway!), Mighty Music Mind! Guess which one Sean was? You guessed right. Sean has too much music running in his family's blood to not land the role of Mighty Music Mind! Can you tell yet that I'm a proud Mama? Just wait. He had the best costume out of all the lead roles- Kevin brought home a small Galena High School marching band jacket, shako (that's the hat) and a mace. And the jacket fit him! Well, I had to roll up the sleeves, but he filled out that uniform like a pro. I can't believe how fast these boys are growing!

Anyway, back to the musical. Ashton also did a superb job- each of the second grade classes took a turn singing a different song, and he was placed front and center (although not on a mike). Ashton is wearing the red shirt with grey sleeves- they were supposed to dress as regular kids in school, while the Mighty Minds came in to save the day and give them confidence in school and on their tests- to show all the students how smart they are! Here is a picture of his class:

And a closer one of Ashton, in the middle again:

Here is a little video clip of Ashton's class singing Test Anxiety:

And next up, Sean to save the day! Here he is with Mighty Math Mind (I don't know why he is wearing a Hawaiian shirt either):

A close up of Sean- he was an amazing performer! He was confident, stood up straight and tall, and sang and spoke loudly and clearly! And that kid can sing too- his pitch was right on, and his movements were precise and clear. I wish I was half the soloist he is, at 7. Yes, again the proud Mom in me is glowing again. :) He was so cute up there, and I could tell that he was roasting under the lights with his shako on. He kept pushing it up, and then ended up taking it off at the very end. The mace didn't last past the first few minutes of the show. I think the music teacher was afraid he'd whack someone with it on accident. Oh well. No one could deny that Sean's was the best costume up there.

And a short wobbly little clip of his brilliance (sorry, I was also holding my video camera (I did record pretty much the entire show if you want to see that too!), and that was a little challenging):

Here are both of my little stars after the show, holding their flowers from their equally (almost) proud teachers. Oh my boys!


Timbra said...

Glow on, proud Mama! Way to go boys!

Gretchen said...

Oh my gosh! TOO CUTE!!