Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reuniting of Team Library Dork

This morning Team Library Dork headed out to UNR for some track work. We did sprints, drills and bleachers. We haven't been able to get together to train or race for some time now, so it was good to see them and get a couple fun photos (not all of which are appropriate for posting here):


And posing.

Me, sprinting (and tiny!).

Coach Dave, with his stogy and beer.

Team photo!

And then breakfast at Peg's Glorified Ham and Eggs~

Thanks guys for the great track workout today! And Coach Dave for workin' us to the ground. :) Good to catch up with ya'll...


Turi said...

Awesome. Good to get the band back together. But jeez I'm tired now.

GRETCHEN said...

Sweet! I heard this business was going down. Wish I could have been there!! I was supposed to run 30 today, but only made it 18. Maybe I should have been at the track with you guys.
And hey, where are the inappropriate pics?? I'm intrigued now...

slowrunner77 said...

inappropriate? you got kids reading yer blog? scandalous.
the last pic is making me hungry...mmm...saaaaalmon. not related, but i took yesterday off before doing a "quality" long-ish interval workout and weights this morning...and every set of abs i did at the gym after breakfast, that there salmon and eggs was wantin to escape!