Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hiking Mount Rose

This morning I finally got a chance to go for my yearly hike/run up to Mt. Rose summit, and fellow Carson City librarian Abbey came with me to share the morning beauty. It was the perfect morning- we got up to the trail head by 6:45 a.m. just as the sun was lighting up the trail, and we started on a brisk pace to warm up chatting happily. Here is our first view of the lake:

And a view of the canyon as it started to warm up with the sun:

I love this waterfall! I love the shapes of the rocks, all blocked and rectangular that split the water in a dozen different streams on its way to the stream below.

This next picture is from the back (west) side of Mt. Rose, of one of the 4 lakes I don't know the name of, just peeking over the next hill. :)

Abbey and I at the summit! (with Tahoe in the background)

And Pirate too! (This pic came out well, didn't it? Best close up I've ever taken of him!)

Finally, a nice easy-paced run finds us back at the beginning of the trail, showing 10.6 miles round trip. Thanks Abbey for sharing this beautiful day with me!

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Gretchen said...

Beautiful! I did one of my yearly hikes/runs today too--PCT between Squaw and Sugar Bowl. You got a much earlier start than me. :)
BTW, I'll be working in Reno this year. You're going to have to help me find all the good places to run after work.