Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Carson City Library on News Carson City! (yup, a little interview of yours truely)

This summer the Carson City (youth) Library has been filled with reading, prizes, programs, storytellers and a fun Summer Reading Party to celebrate our success! We hosted a homemade ice-cream party at Mills Park across the street where we shook, squeezed and jumped our ice-cream into a solid soft-serve consistancy. We also made home-made root beer (with a 10 lb. bag of dry ice in a clean garbage can), painted a variety of creatures on faces, and raffled off the last of the big prizes. And for a special treat for you, here is a little video featuring the reading participants, and even a little Sean and Ashton face time! I did a little interview at the end~ not the best few minutes of my life (makes me cringe to watch myself, but that's just me!), but you get the idea.

Tried my best to embed a video, but I think you'll just have to settle for a link:

Carson City Library video feed

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