Friday, November 14, 2008

Royal Mail

I had to do an emergency post today- Guess what came in the mail today! My official bookmark with Robin McKinley's two newest books on it! On one side is "Chalice," (which I'm reading now) and on the other is Dragonhaven, which came out in September 2007. About a month or so ago, I requested (along with hundreds of other R.M. fans) a bookmark of her new book on her blog. And here it is, a letter, complete with my name in her handwriting on the front of the envelope! How exciting is that? Well, maybe not for you, but just imagine your favorite author taking the time to personally address and lick an envelope to you! It even says "Royal Mail" in the top left corner. Royal Mail. To me. :) Happy, happy day! I am keeping this forever. And I am now an official member of the Klutz Klub . For which I had to write a Klutzy anecdote from something I've done in my lifetime for her blog. Not hard to do, believe me. You know you want to click on the photo to make it super big. Do it now.

Yes, this is a picture taken on my desktop at work (I sent Robin my work address, as you can see). Notice the two cuties above?


Turi said...

That's cool. But - you became an official member of the Klutz Klub on the same day that you cut your finger on a Kitchen knife? Umm... appropriate?

SnowLeopard said...

It was meant to be~

Gretchen said...

Cool! I don't know Robin McKinley--I'll have to check her out. I do understand your excitement though. I am lately obsessed with John Green, and just finished his latest book, "Paper Towns." I would be immensely excited by anything from him that was hand addressed for me! :)
Any chance you'll be at the Donner Lake Turkey Trot tomorrow? If so, look for me--I'll be the one running with the hyper little black dog.

SnowLeopard said...

I didn't get out to Donner yesterday, sorry! How did you do? Are you doing the Sparks Turkey Trot on the 27th? I'll be there for that one... :)