Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dodge Ball!

I almost forgot I had this post sitting waiting to be edited. So here's the short, short version. I was invited to participate in a dodge ball tournament on Saturday (Nov. 1) by a fellow band member, Johnathan, and his girlfriend Misty who works for the American Cancer Society, who was sponsoring this fund-raising event. (Yes, I ran a 5K then played in a dodge ball tournament. :) I have never played before, so I was a little apprehensive that I would drag our team down the hole. Not so! We won our first two rounds (best of 5), I think lost the third one, won the 4th (and 5th? I can't remember how many teams we played now) and made it into the final winning bracket against the UNR team. They were awesome! It was a double elimination, and best of 7 games. We won the first round (the first they had been beaten all day!), but lost the second. I learned some quick strategy about staying out of the way of the ball, and passing them off to the guys who could throw on my team instead of trying to get people out myself (I totally throw like a girl since my shoulder operation a few years ago). I did manage to get a few people out, but my best talent was "dodging the ball." Ha ha! In fact, I think the last 4 games I was the last one up, but had no chance of staying in long (5 against 1 isn't fair odds, not to mention the previously stated condition of throwing like a girl). Our team placed second, and the American Cancer Society provided some pretty sweet prizes for the winning teams. I had a TON of fun, even if I was sore for 3 days straight! Here we are in all our glory:


Turi said...

Last standing, 4 games in a row? Sweet! You should go pro!

SnowLeopard said...

Except for 2 things:

1) I throw like a girl (although I did wonder what kind of a player I could have been before a stupid shoulder injury from a wussy sport like water polo)
2) I think my back would do some major protesting...