Sunday, November 9, 2008


This was supposed to be a quick easy project, but turned into a two-day-er because I didn't have the right tools. Isn't that always the case for the "quick easy" projects? We bought the boys a little card table with 6 colorful folding chairs, all very sturdy with metal frames about 2-3 years ago. And they lasted a very long time! Some time last year, the boys, as will be boys, started to notice little holes in the top cover of their table and began picking at it and making the holes bigger. Blue duct tape does wonders for a) matching and b) fixing, but it won't last forever. Finally I looked on the bottom of the table and saw that it was attached with 12 screws to the frame, and the cover was simply stapled on. I could recover that! Easy-peasy! So getting started- I unscrewed it, ripped off the cover and stapled one whole side before I noticed that the staples were too long. Not only did they go through two layers of fabric and the plywood (and stuck out their sharp pointy ends perfect for causing little bloody fingers), but I had also stapled it to my wooden bar stool in several places! Whoops! Good thing they're little holes. You probably won't notice unless you're looking for them. So today I took a trip to Home Depot to see if there existed shorter staples (of course there were), and then finished up in under 10 minutes (with a little volunteered help from Kevin). Voila! Finished! And in a nice hunter green too (no blue at JoAnne's). Impressed? Well, thank you but you shouldn't be. I'm only blogging about this because it LOOKS so much better, and because I actually took a little initiative to do it myself and not pawn it off on my hubby.

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Turi said...

Wow, that thing was a mess! Much better. Isn't home upholstery rewarding? :P