Sunday, November 16, 2008

My little baseball players

Today was the perfect beautiful day for hitting some balls, practicing catching and throwing with Sean and Ashton. Kevin did all the pitching, whilst I helped race after the successful ball-bat contacts. While their fine motor skills need more work (although their handwriting is improving greatly!), the boys' gross motor skills have always been very advanced. They can drop-kick a ball, ride scooters, dribble a basketball and shoot (successful) hoops, ride two-wheelers, catch a ball, throw with an amazing arm (Ashton throws a perfect spiral football!), and yes I am bragging here. Here is a little sample of their hitting abilities. I have a couple of pictures (Sean is in the red wearing glasses, and yes he did throw us off all day by wearing Ashton's signature color), and a couple short video clips. First up is Ashton:

And next is Sean:

I think I need to get them in tee-ball next season... :)


Turi said...

Awesome swings on those little guys!

Anonymous said...

Ho my goodness what experts!! The videos are proof. It sure was a beautiful day to be outside.Even your backyard is not big enough for those homerun quality shots. Bravo to our Sean and Ashton!

Big bisous to our KASA from MAA