Friday, October 31, 2008

Running Goals 3

Okay! I managed a 5k (+?) in just over 25 minutes. I think 25.03 or so. It was hard estimating the exact amount on my treadmill because I walked a half lap first, and I'm not exactly sure of the exact the mile point I started running at. (Ha ha~ like that sentence?) Felt good though. I kept increasing my speed little by little until I was near-sprinting that last lap. I feel ready for tomorrow's race, the Spark-A-Delic 5K.

As I was running, I noticed a tiny spider on a very long thread swaying back and forth in the cross breeze flowing from the open garage door through the back door. I found myself mesmerized by it as it seemed to slowly inch its way towards me. I don't know how that was possible since the spider silk was attached to the garage door railing above me, and he was at the end of it. As I watched it, I could no longer feel the ache in my left arch, or even how fast I was going. Then suddenly, at around mile two, he disappeared! Must have been a big gust. I love little life distractions like that- I think we all need them every now and then to remind us of the world outside our daily schedules, outside of our heads and minds. Watching that spider made my run go by very quickly indeed. Although if he had gotten ANY closer, I would have chucked my hand towel at that little sucker before my well-being could have been compromised.

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