Saturday, October 18, 2008

Remote-Control Race Cars!

The boys begged and begged me to open up another one of their birthday presents, so we all four sat down as a family and built two race cars: Sean's was Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s car (green) and Ashe's was a Kasey Kahne (red). Here is half of Team Ashton, posing with the parts:

Here are the parts:

I think I did a pretty good job following the directions (too little and complicated for the boys to put together on their own). But here they are threading on the plastic parts for the antennae:

And an up close shot of Ashton with the finished product, including all of the teeny tiny (headache-inducing) decals. Man, those eyes! He kills me with those- I'm gonna have to watch that one with the girls in a few years. Oh wait. I already have to do that.

Then comes fun part! By the time Ashton and I made it outside, Sean had already figured out how make the car go mostly where he wanted it to go.

And Ashton getting the tutorial:

They were so cute playing with these cars all afternoon~ when I peeked out the window an hour later, I caught them laying on their bellies, feet up in the air, on the edge of the basketball court having races.

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Turi said...

Sweet! NASCAR! Um, just kidding. I've gotta admit, I have no idea who Kasey Kahne IS let alone how to pronounce his name. So, uh, go Dale Earnhardt!... Yeah.

No kidding, good picture of Ashton. But I've gotta say, I think there'll be some girls who like the studious, smart Sean look. Bet they'll be the ACTUALLY cool girls...