Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Haircuts and Apple Tree Pie

This is not any ordinary apple pie. This was inspired by my Maman-in-law! She has painstakingly gathered all the dropped apples from her tree and fed her family with all her glorious recipes, cutting out the bad parts and keeping the good. With this pie, I did the same. Except for gathering the fallen apples- I picked these from the tree, but used all the ones that had been bird pecked or had a little "friend" feasting on the inside. We have had a fantastic apple season this year- I think because it wasn't as windy this spring, so the trees were able to keep most of their blossoms. My tree is a Golden Delicious, and the apples have been getting bigger and sweeter by the day. Since I had so many, I decided to make a pie, with a top crust layer only- and it is a very special crust. You put an almost-cup of flour, 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 water and some cinnamon in a Tupperware, snap on the lid and shake it about 10 times. Voila! Insta-crust! And even enough left over for a mini apple to decorate the middle. (Yes, that's what that's supposed to be. :)
The other picture I wanted to share with you this morning is of the boys! They got their first haircut in a salon since they were 2 (from which we were asked to leave because they were screaming and wouldn't sit still, and haven't tried to go back since). They were a bit wiggly, but were well enough behaved that they earned their sucker. Why the haircut, other than the fact that they were getting pretty shaggy since I cut their hair the last time? Today is picture day! Yeah! They were all super cuteness with their shirts tucked in. Aren't first grade and gap-toothed smiles grand?

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Turi said...

Wacky pie - top crust only. Kind of like a Tarte Tatin.

Cute boys - I think picture day for mine is next Monday. Haircut this weekend, I think.