Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nevada Museum of Art

Today was my special day with my three kidlets: Sean, Ashton and Abbie! Abbie is almost exactly one month older than the boys, so they have been doing a lot of growing up together, as triplets even (people have asked!). Since it is so smoky outside, I didn't want them playing outside too much, so instead we headed to the Nevada Museum of Art in downtown Reno. We had the "museum behavior" talk, and we all held hands and didn't touch, and they all three did fabulously! First, a couple pictures outside. The three gathered under the wooden horse~

And playful under the Lotus Flower~

In a room on the 2nd floor, we found the Froebel blocks- to build and expand the mind with. All three created objects from the shapes; they built skyscrapers and other fantastical stacked figures.

I just love how you can see them concentrating, their creations growing in complexity and color!

Not only did they play with blocks, but we all 4 spent time at the drawing pads, tracing shapes with colored pencils, and filling them in with all colors of the rainbow. Three architects in the making!

Sean worked especially hard on tracing with his stencil, and was upset that we didn't get to take his picture home. "But Mom! I didn't finish coloring it in yet!" We did lots of coloring when we got home this afternoon- I think I need to buy him some stencils too, because he was getting pretty good at it, and that will really help him develop his fine motor skills, which he needs more work on. Abbie traced all her letters and numbers, and seemed very satisfied with how they looked different from her own handwriting.

This next photo is from the roof looking over the rest of the city (west). Even one street over is blurry from the haze. And no mountains to tell of.

It was a fun, educational day- I haven't ever taken the boys to this type of museum where we looked at paintings and appreciated the colors and the message behind different mediums of art. I think their favorite room by far was the one entitled "Unbuilt Reno" which were drawings, sketches, and three dimensional models of buildings that were never used for one reason or another. Kids 5 and under were free, so not only was it a highly educational day, but a very inexpensive one as well! I highly recommend going, whether you have children or not. :)

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