Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Boys' Last Day of Kindergarten

Well, it's done. Sean and Ashton's first year of their elementary education has come to a close. This morning I purposely dressed them in the same shirts I sent them to school in on their first day so I could take another picture in the same spot I took on their first day, to measure their growth. Here they are, just this morning. (Like Ashton's socks? He's the one in red. :)

And to compare to their first day, here is that picture taken at the end of August:

They look a lot the same don't they (even though I got their shorts wrong)? Although the tops of their heads are much closer to the bottom of the picture. I'll have to take this photo again on their first day of 1st grade to show some summer growth. (Although hopefully with a different pair of shirts on! :)

And I did make 32 black and white (chocolate and vanilla) cupcakes for their field day yesterday. Isn't this cupcake carrier grand? There weren't enough for all the kids in both classes, for which I feel bad, but I can only carry so many cupcakes! Poor Sean and Ashton didn't get any since their teachers figured they could make more with their mom. Which we will. AND I did bring home a couple chocolate chip cookies left over from a library function.

And life continues...

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Turi said...

You can even tell that the pictures were taken about the same time - the reflections on the print behind them are in about the same place!