Friday, June 20, 2008

Faerie Lord

Faerie Lord: The Faerie Wars Chronicles (Book 4) (The Faerie Wars Chronicles) Faerie Lord: The Faerie Wars Chronicles by Herbie Brennan

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The fourth and concluding book in a series that I found waiting for the next publication as difficult as waiting for the next Harry Potter book to come out! Most books I finish, I think, "That was a good book!" and move to whatever is next on my list. This one I raced through because I just had to know what was happening next, but then was sad it was finished. And no more to look forward to now- like Harry Potter, and the Bartimaeus Trilogy. A book that I connected with so thoroughly I get this feeling I call post-book depression.

But anyway, about this book: Henry Atherton is a likeable boy living in England with no really outstanding qualities. But amazing things seem to happen to him, and he becomes a hero in another world, of light and dark faeries. Despite his love for Blue, the Faerie Queen of Light, he decided to finish school in the Analogue World (Earth) at the end of the third book, "Ruler of the Realm." But Blue's brother, Prince Pyrgus, comes to find him looking like a middle-aged man instead of the teenager he is. The Faerie world is being ravaged by a disease that ages the population randomly in coma-inducing spurts, and it is forseen that only Henry can save them. But does he have enough courage to face Blue again? And how is he supposed to cure a disease he knows nothing about?

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Andrew Clarke said...

Hi, thanks for your comment. I can see why you switched to library work, if I understand what you're saying. It is a way of still being involved with kids' education but not in the sometimes contentious environment that a classroom can be. And anyone who loves books would find a library a fabulous place to work, I'd reckon (although not without it's problems, I realize). Best wishes. IF you ever read "Outcasts Of Skagaray" it would make my year if you enjoyed it as much as you describe enjoying others. I've sometimes felt bereft when a book ended. I was enjoying it so much I never wanted it to end. Best wishes, and visit again any time.