Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation!

Well, the boys' first year in elementary school is over already! Can you even believe it? On Friday, Alice Maxwell had their Kindergarten Graduation in the gym, followed by an otter pop party. My mom and grandma met Kevin and I there to take part in the celebration (and of course bring balloons and presents for the grads). I have lots and lots of pictures to share- oh the memories! Here is Ashton before school on the monkey bars showing off how many he could skip in between each swing. So much like his mama!

And a picture of my mom and grandma and me before the graduation started:

Here is the banner they made for all the students to sign (notice anything about the sign? I'm hoping that was an intentional mistake...):
This video clip is only 20 seconds long, but I managed to get Sean in his processional up to the front!

And Ashton too:

Here is Sean in the blue plaid shirt (in the middle of this shot) as they are lining up on the risers; he was so happy- waving and giving me the thumbs up while I blew him kisses across the gym. He and Ashton were so excited for this day, and counted down for the past two weeks in anticipation.
And the all three kindergarten classes- what a huge class! If you click on the picture and look really close, you can see Ashton right above the left piano page with his hand in the air waving to me. High school graduates of 2020. (What a cool year to graduate in, BTW. The only thing that is interesting about the class of '97 is that most of us were born in '79. Not interesting? Well, okay then.) This is a better up-close picture of Ashton, fussing with his tassel. They made their own hats! How cute is that?
And Sean, waving from his seat on the other side of the gym- cool as a cucumber!

I also took this video of them singing "Home Means Nevada." Funny, I didn't learn this song until I was in college! But then I didn't go through the elementary public school system in Reno.

Sean's class got to walk first, and here is a picture of him shaking his teacher, Mrs. Smith's, hand. The principal is standing to the left and shook every students' hand as well.

Then, Ashton and his teacher Mrs. Troyer.
Yeah Grads! Congratulations to all of you! Four generations together sharing this sunny historic day in Sean and Ashton's life!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sean and Ashton! You have a cool blogger mom so that we all know how you are doing with all these wonderful details and pictures even from so far away. Thanks for sharing. I like your new hairstyle, Amber! And good to know that you are COOKING :) Can't wait to try some of thoes pies! - auntie yan