Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amber and Kevin's 10th Anniversary

Wow. 10 years. I would say that it has gone by so fast, but that's always what we think when pondering the present. We wonder where the time went, and how quickly. But of course time has moved on in it's ever-steady pace. As I was pondering the present I was not thinking of how quickly time has gone by, but by how many things that have been accomplished and changed in this span of time.
(Okay, I don't know why there is a big gap here, but I can't fix it either. I don't have any extra breaks in my coding...)

What has changed/been accomplished? What is still the same?
two bachelor's degrees have been earned Still have the same kitties: Jewels & Max
two (in December for me) Master's degrees I still play the trumpet, Kevin, everything else
I've donated my hair twice and grown(ing) it back out I have my bedroom furniture set since I was 6 (in my office)
Kevin shaves his head My love of roses
two professionals: a band teacher and a children's librarian I am still in school. Ha!
Two beautiful, sweet, awkward, fast-growing identical twin boys I've been using Elizabeth Arden moisturizer since I was in high school
OMG I can cook and bake now! I still bite my nails when I read
Triathlons and running in competitive races! Swimming
I've learned a little html, as you can see by this table :) I still sing in the shower

There are SO many other things I can list here, but I'm going to stop because it's making me nostalgic. Anyway, I have some photos to share from the dinner we shared with family and friends at Louis Basque Corner:

Here are some photos of the guests-
More friends-
Jessica and Greg-
My Grandma, Aunt Linda and Uncle Paul-
Me and Ashton-
Me and Sean-

My brother Scott and his long time girlfriend Sara recently moved to Montana, so they were not able to share this evening with us. However, Sara's parents, Craig and Pam were able to come!

I did not get a good picture of either my or Kevin's parents, but they each took one of the boys and lavished attention on them during dinner. But Alice and I did get a really nice photo together-
This is my friend Sarah, who will be getting married next summer, and is going to let me plan her bachelorette party! Whoo-hoo! (Don't worry- we're going to have a ladies night of wine tasting, and then a full day at the spa in Genoa. Classy. :)
And the 4 of us~ Sean, me, Kevin and Ashton-
Of course I didn't forget the food, which was amazing! I had lamb, and it was incredibly tender, and the mussels were also very flavorful. Paired nicely with the house red wine traditionally served with dinner-
After that wonderful dinner, several followed us home, and the girls did some baking- a new recipe to me! Thanks Jess and Sarah for unwrapping all those kisses~
10 years. Kev, do you think it went by quickly? Love ya babe~

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