Sunday, March 15, 2009

An Unsure Future for the Washoe County Library System

Yep, I might not have a job in July. The economy is so bad, that possibly 3 to 6 libraries will be closing this year, including the Mobile Library. The information we are getting changes daily, from the millions they are asking the WCLS to come up with, which and how many libraries might close, to how many and which positions will be laid off. Some days look brighter than others. Here are a few articles with varying view points of how things look. First, one from, called Open Books talks about how libraries are a necessity and not a luxury. Here are two more from RGJ. The first one, Popular library might close doors for good talks about the possible closure of the Sierra View Library, and Washoe County libraries and parks could lose 36 percent of funding: the title pretty much sums it up. I talked with one of the rangers when he did a science program at my library last month, and he said they are down to 4 rangers from 12 just a year and a half ago, with budget slashes just as dramatic as the library's. Four rangers for all of Washoe County!

What am I going to do about it? I am applying for a Youth Services Librarian position at the Carson City Library, plus I have been invited to apply for a teaching job at a charter school in Reno (there is a Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade opening- I won't take the 2nd grade job since the boys would definitely come with me, but I could totally teach K or 1st. Which would mean a TON of brushing up on my teaching skills this summer. I've kept my teaching certificate up to date, just in case...). I don't know if I'll lose my job this summer. I don't know if I'll lose my job in December if/when they ask the library system to chop off their other arm because the county is still in a deficit. I'm doing my best to stay positive about it, but one thing is for sure: as our Director has put it, "the face of the Washoe County Library System will look different when this is through." And I'll lose part/all of my family at the South Valleys Library. Sadness.


Peter Lubbers said...

Sad news, but it looks like you have a good plan. All the best with this.

Marisa J. said...


I really, really hope you get that job and I will be sending all the good luck vibes I have your way. I know we'll all get through this somehow. I just wish it didn't have to be so difficult.