Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh, the goodness of Milk!

Do you like milk? I LOVE milk! I mostly drink non-fat milk in the morning, and sometimes add a little vanilla soy milk to make it sweeter. I like to drink it warm in the evening sometimes too (just a minute in the microwave usually does it). But my absolute favoritist way to drink milk? Shaken! (Not stirred.) When there's only about a cup or two left in the bottom of the gallon jug, I shake the daylights out of it, pour it in a big mug and eat the foam with a spoon. Yes, this even works spectacularly with skim milk. I have even been known to funnel the milk at the bottom of the cup back into the jug and have another go. I am enjoying this luxury right now (I don't usually have time to shake up the last remnants at the bottom of the jug and enjoy it in the morning, but it's my day off today). The best part of this dessert (yep, you heard me): I can belch like a man, baby! All the air in that foam does wonders for my burping volume, and tone for that matter.

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