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Flamingos On The Roof

Flamingos on the Roof Flamingos on the Roof by Calef Brown

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It's funny. Most people think that working as a librarian is all about recommending books to those asking for them. But it's really a reciprocal deal, although most library users I help don't realize it. When they ask for a book, not always a new one, I usually read the brief description given to store away for the next time someone ask for it. Or maybe to add to my own list of books I want to read. Now don't forget here that I love children's books best, and have developed my taste for poetry over the years as well. I was helping a patron find children's "classics" that she could buy for her new granddaughter. She, in turn, recommended this book to me. I read it to my boys as one of their bedtime stories, and loved it more and more with each poem. They rhythm and meter of each poem has it's own snappy feel, and the images they leave in your head are fresh and original. The boys liked this book as much as I did (yeah, they like poetry!) and have requested it two nights in a row now. I want to leave you with a sample of Calef's genius:

Weatherbee's Diner

Whenever you're looking for something to eat,

Weatherbee's Diner is just down the street.

Start off your meal with a bottle of rain.

Fog on the glass is imported from Maine.

The thunder is wonderful, order it loud,

with sun-dried tornado on top of a cloud.

Snow Flurry Curry is also a treat.

It's loaded with lightning and slathered in sleet.

Cyclones with hailstones are great for dessert,

but have only one or your belly will hurt.

Regardless of whether it's chilly or warm,

at Weatherbee's Diner they cook up a storm!

Other poem titles we thoroughly enjoyed: Ten-Cent Haiku, Poseidon's Hair, King of the Tire, Barnacle Built for Two, and Tiny Baby Sphinx.

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