Monday, May 26, 2008

Food Blog

With all the rainy overcast weather, I have spent most of my 3 day weekend inside. My list of chores included keeping the kitchen clean, cat box, some shopping and massive amounts of laundry. And some running (not a chore :). But after and in between all that came all sorts of cooking, baking and grilling! I've been collecting lots of new recipes I wanted to try out, but haven't had a chance to actually make. Well, the weather presented the perfect opportunity! Continuing with the Sean-pie story, I finally got a chance to make his Key Lime Pie. AND I even baked the graham cracker crust! It turned out pretty good- although I probably should have only baked it for 8 minutes instead of 10, 'cause it was a little hard to fork-split. Greg also suggested using powdered sugar instead of granulated. The pie part was SUPER easy too! Only 3 ingredients (plus the pie crust), and no baking- I could probably make this in my sleep now. The boys pretty much inhaled their piece, but when I asked them which they liked better, they both said, "Lemon." (They've been saying things in sync a lot lately. They seem to get a kick out of my reaction. Twins.) Sean said, "I liked the egg white part." The meringue. Which is funny, because that's the part Kevin doesn't like.

And the piece, with a shot of W.C.:

Backing up a bit now to the dinner part: I made homemade hummus, and some Roasted Garlic Grilled Flatbread, also from Baking Bites. It was pretty easy to make, and I happen to keep all these ingredients in my pantry. The only reason I probably won't make this on a more regular basis is because of the rising time it needs. In this picture you can see one piece rolled out, and my hummus in the top right corner.

I let Kevin do the grilling part, since he also volunteered to watch the Parmesan zucchini, but I should have watched them myself. I think he had more of a pita-chip texture than a flatbread in mind, and crispified them a little more than I would have. They were still really tasty, along with the hummus. (BTW, who knew tahini was so fattening? 18g of fat was a little more than I was expecting out of sesame paste! Anyone need some, 'cause I've got a whole jar that needs some sharing. :O) This picture is a little blurry- I should have used the "food" option on my camera for this shot:

Kevin also made some dirty rice (geez, it's starting to look like he did more cooking than I did here!), and I couldn't leave out that picture:

One last thing I made this weekend was Oat Bran Flaxseed Bread. I didn't get a picture of my bread, but it looked very similar to the one on this post, only mine was much larger, and flater. I let it rise for almost an extra hour because I had to wait on the oven (pork pot roast!), but rise it did because I put the bowl on top of the stove to take full advantage of the heat. All in all, a great weekend for baking and cooking, and food-processing. :)

Also on a side note, we took the boys to see Prince Caspian this afternoon- it was fantastic, if a little battle-heavy for 5-year-olds...


Turi said...

Mmmm, crispified pitas. You have a "food: setting on your camera? Cool!?

Corinne said...

Wow, you sound ambitious! I'm sure the boys enjoy all your cooking!