Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sean Lost Another Tooth!

So Sean comes into my office all excited last night at about 9:00 when he's supposed to be asleep in bed, and shows me his tooth that just wiggled free. This is his third lost tooth- now he's missing both his top front teeth, and one of his bottom front teeth. Tonight he had me peek at his second bottom front tooth, and sure enough, that one is loose too. Geez! He's going to have no teeth left to bite or chew with! We went to the dentist over Spring Break, and they both got x-rays taken, and talk about creepy pictures! Every single baby tooth in their mouths have an adult tooth right behind it, ready to take its place. They were like sharks. Ghastly.

Sean: Snaggle-puss. Slack-jawed Yokel. Jack-O-Lantern. My happy-smiley-faced-little-man. Love it!

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