Saturday, January 5, 2008

Snow Leopard Tattoo!

I finally did it! And it was excruciating! For the entire 2 and a half hours. But what's funny is that now what hurts most is my upper thigh on my left leg from laying on my side with my other foot tucked underneath. But that's feeling better too.

So I didn't get what I had originally planned- I wanted a full-bodied snow leopard wrapped on the outside of my left ankle with the tail wrapped around the inside like an anklet. But my ankle was just too small to do that. I had previously decided that if they wouldn't do that, I wouldn't get it done. But after I saw the drawing the tattoo artist had sketched for me, I liked that even better. It is just a head and shoulders shot, and lots of detail. And bright green eyes like I wanted too. :) You wouldn't have been able to see any eye color if it was a full snow leopard wrapped around my ankle. Okay- enough blabbing- here's the photo, but I wouldn't advise blowing it up because you can see how red and bloody and swollen it is in detail. The color will look more natural once the redness goes away and it heals. I promise to post another photo in a couple weeks, and you can look at that one up close. What do you think? Nutcase? Like it?

Thanks Jessica for taking like a hundred photos of my bony ankle to get this one good shot!


Corinne said...

They eyes are a lovely green. I'm behind on your blogs, since I deleted my MySpace account. I read the skiing, and new years, and Christmas all at once! I really missed the baking party, but we'll have to do it soon! Hey, want to come scrapbook with me on the 13th? We're going 10 am to 10 pm, should be fun!!!

Turi said...

Awesome! Awesome awesome awesome. And excellent , too. Looks great, can't wait to see it. Rescheduling the baking party?

SnowLeopard said...

Thanks guys- I'm glad you like it! Even the next morning I'm really happy with it. :) Looks and feels about the same though. I am totally rescheduling the baking party, thinking maybe next Friday the 11th? And Corinne, I'd love to come scrapbooking (at SS?) with you!