Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's and Resolutions

This year we spent the evining at our friend Greg's mom's house, along with all of his family and some friends (some of which I haven't seen in years, but was good friends with in high school. I know- reliving high school again- but they were bandies like me! How can I not?)

Here is a picture of me, completely blitzed, with Jessica. Feelin' GOOD!

And one with the kids going nuts with the confetti:

As far as New Year’s Resolutions go, I’ve been racking my brain over this one: Last year, I made several- but, nothing too horrendous. [I found my old blog with last year's resolution, and here is a quote from Dec. 30, 2006: "I do have a New Year's Resolution: to take things as slowly as possible, and to focus on what's important, like spending quality time with all my boys, and friends. Yes, to not procrastinate on homework, but to keep being a good student. (This is mostly why I want to focus on what's important, 'cause with all the homework I have, every second has to count.) Also, I want to write more. Record what's going on in my life, in Sean and Ashton's life, because it is so easy to forget the small things. This is why the BLOG was created, right?"] Well, I didn't want to make the same resolution as last year, and I did keep up with my blog, even if my 3 times a week report dropped down to about once a week by the end of the year, it's still better than the once every 6 months I was writing before. But, here I go again. I think I'll still blog regularly (in the habit now, plus I like to share pictures), so that's not going to be one of them. Instead, something much harder: NOT PROCRASTINATING ON MY HOMEWORK! That's going to be hard. Three semesters (including summer session)- think I can keep it up? I'm not so sure, but I'm going to try my best...

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