Thursday, January 3, 2008

Skiing on New Year's Day with the Boys

Before Scott and Sara left to go back to Berkeley, we managed to get up to Mt. Rose for the afternoon. Sara and Kevin snowboarded (Kevin was super happy that my mom's skis were broken and had to lend her his, and he got to use his snowboard he got for Christmas last year. Which also meant he didn't have to ski with the boys and me either- just spend all day on the mountain by himself, and is feeling really comfortable on his snowboard as a result.), while Scott and Sara's dad skied the black runs. Since Kevin couldn't exactly snowboard AND teach the boys to ski, the job fell to my mom to teach with me instead. Which neither of us minded in the least bit. :) We took the boys up skiing for the first time last January, but they really seemed to remember the feel of it, and we barely had to hold on to them. I saw quite a few other little kids learning how to ski with leashes attached to their backs, and the parent following behind, but the method I like to use is to just have them ski right between my own skis- that way I can catch them if they fall, and help keep their tips together. I only really hold on if we went down a steep hill- otherwise I only pull on the back of their jackets so they don't get away from me. I find if I do hold on to them, they tend to lean back and I end up carrying them. I had them hold their arms at right angles with elbows tucked in, and pretend they're steering a car- so that way if they want to turn, they just pretend to turn the wheel, and go that way. I tried to teach them how to do the wedge, or plow, but they had a hard time pushing their heels out. Once, I was skiing with Sean and he accidentally got away from me, and I couldn't catch him. I did my best to keep the nervousness out of my voice (I was REALLY worried he would steer himself down the steep side of the run, but he stayed to the left, and followed the directions I was shouting from behind), and he skied 2/3 of the way down all on his own! Then that's all he wanted to do- ski by himself; and I let him! I followed him just a few feet behind (not 30 like the first time!), and even got a few short video clips. I'll have to figure out how to post that soon...
Every time I let go of Ashton though, he just plowed right into a snowbank. I think they're ready for poles next time! And since we're supposed to get like 10 feet or some ludicrous amount of snow in the mountains this weekend, hopefully we'll get to take them again soon.

Here is Ashton, all ready to go up after a lunch break:

And Sean with a bit of a grimace (he was getting impatient to get back up on the hill I guess):

And my mom and the boys on the lift:

I couldn't resist this picture of the mountain on the way home. Summit of Mount Rose (which I ran my big toe nail off on my right foot this past summer...)

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