Friday, November 16, 2007

Pumpkin Cookies!

I haven't done any food blogs for a while, but I've been baking a bit this week. I made a chocolate pumpkin pie on Monday with Sean and Ashton to help me, courtesy of the Baking Bites website. I modified that recipe a bit and instead of using canned pumpkin, I used a sugar pumpkin that I cooked and pureed myself. It took a little longer to bake because of the extra moisture, but it was worth the wait! It had a nice balance of chocolate and pumpkin, without either overpowering the other. This picture doesn't look like much, but you must forgive me since I forgot to take a picture before we dove into the pie. Couldn't wait that long!

Tonight I baked pumpkin cookies with a light brown caramel glaze using a recipe that was circulating around the staff members at my library. I love pumpkin anything, and since I had some left-over pumpkin puree (and since Ashton has been begging to bake cookies all week) I thought it would be a good night to bake them. The recipe was simple, and I learned how to make a successful caramel glaze! I'd seen my little brother, gourmet chef extraordinaire, make caramel for apple-dipping, but had never actually tried to make it myself. It seems to me the trick lies in browning the butter just right before adding the powdered sugar and milk and vanilla. But maybe that's just me. Anyway, these cookies were very tasty, with and without the glaze (didn't quite make enough, as you can see from the picture). Sean and Ashton sure enjoyed them anyway. :)

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