Thursday, November 1, 2007


I just wanted to post some pictures of the boys- their 5th Halloween, and the third in this neighborhood trick-or-treating. They have been asking me nearly everyday for the past 2 months if it was Halloween yet. And I would tell them, 2 weeks left, or 6 days, or not until tomorrow for the 10th time! Finally the big day came, and the question was, "No more weeks and no more days?!" That was Sean. Last night, Greg and Jess and Abbie came over for our 3rd Halloween together, and they boys were absolutely hyper-active! We didn't even get the chance to eat dinner before we HAD to go out begging for candy. Here's one of the boys (Sean is the Ninja Turtle, Ashton the Transformer) and Abbie:

And one without the masks:

And one of the boys with their hands in the pumpkin guts before we carved Jack-O-Lanterns (but don't be fooled by this picture- they were super grossed out with having slimy pumpkin strings on their hands, and I only got a smile 'cause they're such posers!):

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Turi said...

Yeah, they don't exactly look grossed out there...