Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Boys Update

I have some pictures I'd like to share, and just some general updates on how they're doing. First, we had our second parent-teacher conference this week, and both of them are doing really well in Kindergarten. They are really good at rhyming words because of all the nursery rhymes we sing together, and they are starting to learn some sight words such as "you, it, my, the, & and." They also can sound out short 3-letter words, and are reading the Colin Hawkin's series to me! They are very short picture books with one word on each page, and only the first letter changes. Each of the 5 books focus on a different short vowel sound. Other news, Sean and Ashton's molars are coming in! Sean's top two have poked all the way through, and the two on the bottom are just beneath the surface. None of Ashton's have come through yet, but there are big flat spaces and I can feel the teeth underneath with my finger. My babies are getting adult teeth! They keep asking me when their teeth will fall out. We've been talking and reading books about this topic lately 'cause I didn't want them to freak out when one of their teeth gets loose- I was 5 when I lost my first tooth, and I remember poking it back and forth with my tongue, and the grass tooth-pulling machine my older brother made to try to help pull it out! My grandma sure needed her grass cut that summer.

Other news, the boys made a new friend this weekend named Charlie. We met him at the park in Double Diamond through a mutual friend, Haley. Here are pictures of the four of them together:

Also, my boys are wiry like their Uncle Scotty, and shimmied right up the rock wall with no hesitations, again and again. Here is Sean's progression up the wall:

And here is Ashton- Are you noticing their great technique, keeping their hips close to the wall, and their toes turned out instead of trying to climb up like a ladder? I'm so proud!

And one final photo of them loungin' in the sun at the top together:


Turi said...

Serious climbers, eh? Did they get any coaching on their form, or is that just natural talent?

SnowLeopard said...

Well, I did tell them to keep their hips in and turn their toes out so they could get a better grip, but I only had to tell them once and they remembered after that. And I didn't have to say anything about the handholds- they figured those out on their own, how to do side grips and underclings. :)