Sunday, August 1, 2010

Snakes and BFFs.

I found a snake under my car at my parents' house this weekend and Ashton took this photo of me. I can officially say that my boys now loooove snakes. Thanks to me. :) I hate spiders but lurve snakes! You?

I also took this photo this morning- it is our triplets. What, you say? You only have twins! Well, Okay, yes, but Abbie was born one month after the boys and they have grown up together since the boys' second birthday. So, it's as close to having triplets as I'm gonna get. Except that Abbie and Greg and Jess are in the process of moving to LA and we are going to miss them tremendously! We are all losing BFFs to CA within a week, and life will not be the same without them. Good luck to you Greg going back to school, and Jess and Abbie in a new land with new friends and adventures!

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