Monday, August 30, 2010

Sean and Ashton started 3rd grade today!

Yup, I have the yearly picture to share, and compare with the past two years. I think they grew like 4 inches just this summer! Check this out- here they are on the first day of kindergarten:

The second day of 1st grade:

The second day of 2nd grade:

And the first day of third grade (this morning):

What big mature boys I have! The growth difference from year to year just blows my mind! Measuring from the picture behind them, it looks like they grow about 3-4 inches a year. Crazy weeds. :) They came home from school today super excited- I high hopes for them academically this year. No longer will they get O/S/N/I for grades but A/B/C/D/F. They will be held responsible for their actions and their work. They will be learning higher level skills and get to start doing book reports this year! Yay! (Says the librarian mom- I'm sure that word will never escape their lips in the same sentence as "book report!")

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