Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scott and Sara's Marriage BBQ Celebration

Scott and Sara got married at Yellowstone Park on 3-2-10. Coolest date ever, eh? Unfortunately I was unable to go for all the fun (they went dog sledding!!!), but luckily they came to Reno for a celebration with the family! :) Lots of pictures to share with you. First we have the newlyweds:

Some much less newlyweds (Kevin's parents, plus Sara's dad, all deep in an intense conversation it looks like- I was being sneaky with my camera!):

And my Aunt Linda and Uncle Paul:

My Dad with Sean and Ashton, and their sparkling apple cider to toast with~ my older brother was dubbed Best Man and gave a wonderful on-the-spot toast, saying what the rest of us were thinking- how Scott is the happiest most laid-back person he knows, and that Sara is the most intelligent person he'll ever meet, and wished them a joyous and happy long marriage together! Nice job with that one George!

Some good conversation, in style with the casual gathering atmosphere- they look at peace, and happy together, don't they?

Scott and me together,

And the three kids. Yes, Kevin was teasing me at the time he pushed the shutter button~

The rings! They designed their own Celtic-style rings, which were made in Berkeley by a specialist, from Platinum. Very fitting for their personalities. (Yup, this is a good one to click on to enlarge and examine to detail.)

And finally, a family photo of my immediate family, except for Kevin, our photographer:

Scott and Sara, thank you for arranging this get-together! The food was fantastic (best ribs I've ever eaten Scott! I'm not much of a meat eater, but all I wanted were the ribs, hamburgers and spicy pork sausages you 'Qued up) as was the company. It was nice to meet all of your friends, and of course get to catch up with my own family that I seem to see together only at major functions at holidays (busy, every one of us!). My love to you both, and hope to see you this summer in Montana!

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George said...

It was definitely a fun day. Lots of sunshine and good people - though it got a bit nippy at the end.