Friday, June 19, 2009

Snow Leopard Kittens born in Seattle!

Woodland Park Zoo Blog | Naturally Inspiring: Spots of beauty: endangered snow leopard cubs born!

Brand new Snow Leopard kittens at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo! SSSSOOOOO CUTE! Yay for more snow leopards to add to their diminishing number on our planet! :) :) :)

Plus, check out these other snow leopard links, complete with awesome photos~

And best of all, the Woodland Park Zoo posted this first video of the snow leopard kittens crawling around!


Woodland Park Zoo said...

Hey, Thanks so much for your love and devotion toward snow leopards! We certainly share this. Hope you come back to our blog to watch the cubs as they grow!

Anonymous said...

just to let you know Melbourne Zoo in Australia has new snow leopard cubs too. You can check them out on my blog -

BTW, the gorgeous lorrikeet you have in your blog phot is an Australian Rainbow Lorrikeet - we have them come to our garden every morning to feed :-)
Keep up good work on your blog.