Monday, May 11, 2009

Chocolate Chunk Ginger Cookies

I got the BEST cookie recipe before I left the South Valleys Library from one of my co-workers, Caroline. Chocolate Chunk Ginger Cookies. Does that about sum it up? I chopped up a huge chunk of dark chocolate, and grated a big piece of fresh ginger for this recipe. The pictures tell all. First you make the dough, refrigerate it for a couple hours, then roll the cookies into little balls and coat them with granulated sugar.

Cookie sheet 'em...

Bake 'em...

And voila! Melty chocolaty goodness! Mmmmmmm... Totally worth the time it took to make them~ you can even see the fresh ginger strands! But the ginger flavor mixed with the molasses was a nice balancing combination, and not overwhelming.

Thanks Caroline! The staff will thank you tomorrow. :)

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Turi said...

Those. Look. Excellent.