Friday, February 13, 2009


I am such a lucky mom! I have two of the most thoughtful boys any mommy could ask for. Here is the Valentine Ashton wrote me last week, which Sean brought home yesterday since Ashton has been home all week with the flu (yes, the actual flu), including original spelling and punctuation:

Love is...

Love is when mom helps me with home work.
Love is good for good help.
Love is when a good dog is resting with me next to mom.
Love is siting by the fire.
Love is playing with my mom.
Love is sweet and cuddly
Love is a warm fuzzy hug
Love is your best friend
Love is a grate big smiyl
Love is siging with my mom

This is Sean's Valentine to Ashton, because he is sick with the flu this week (it was on a big pink heart, with a fold down front on which he colored a picture of the two of them on a sunny day, standing on the grass):

Dear Ashton

I hope you fele betr. I now you are going to mis the parte but I will take kare of you evre day and if you ask for a glas a water.

How sweet is that? Makes me feel all gushy inside, like I did something right. Happy Valentine's Day!


Turi said...

Sounds like you did a lot right. Sweet kids...

HiAltDawg said...

Snow Lep, I linked your blog over to my facebook page for easy access.

I liked the post; Dude & Sweet rock!