Monday, December 22, 2008

Pre-Christmas Catch-Up

Wow, I am behind with my blogging! I'll try not to make this too long. Backing up to Saturday: First off we went to cut our Christmas tree with Kev's parents up by the Mt. Rose Ski Resort. It was a beautiful crisp morning, and I would put up a picture of the sparkling snow, except it didn't quite turn out. So instead, here we are hiking out into the woods~

I put off my run on Saturday because my throat was a bit scratchy, but after the hike we got in, I don't feel guilty at all! Here are the boys taking a breather~
And Ashton peeking back at me~

"This one?" It was my pick, even though it looks a little small with the tall trees behind it, and bare at the bottom. But actually we were able to save a couple feet for firewood for camping, and made the perfect sized tree for our living room all trimmed down.

And the trek back to the truck, which included spotting a small grove of several awesome trees close to where we parked that we plowed right past in our excitement.

We set up the tree and headed out for an annual concert that Kevin and I play in every year: Tuba Christmas! It's free, and this year was held at the Wilbur May Center in Rancho San Rafael since Parklane now has a new owner. Now, I do not play tuba, but I did play euphonium in high school and in college, but other than that, this is the only time I get to play anymore. Kevin brought home a sousaphone and a Wilson euphonium for me for this special occasion. Here he is, being his usual self before the concert:
And a picture of me- sorry for the Holy glint off my horn. :)

Here is a pretty good one of Kevin playing too:

The concert went really well, and there were a TON of people there! There were probably three times more people in attendance than I've ever seen at any of the previous concerts I've participated in. And I'm estimating about 40-50 tuba and euphonium players as well!

After all that excitement, we went home and decorated the Christmas tree- Kevin set up the lights and the train and the boys did the decorating, with a little help from mommy with the high fragile pieces. Here is Sean~

And Ashton~

And the three of 'em settled in for the evening watching the train go 'round and 'round and 'round...

And Max watching warily from the corner as well- until the train derailed and she high-tailed it out of there! Ha ha!

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Beautiful tree boys! -auntie yan