Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post-Chrismas Catch Up

Whew! Talk about a couple frenzied days, and once again I'm behind with my posting. Here are Sean and Ashton playing "Santa" passing out the presents at my parents' house on Christmas Eve. That's always been our tradition, to go to church and open presents the day before, then check our stockings in the morning. The boys did an awesome job reading the tags on the gifts- not something they could do last year!
And my grandma, in full holiday spirit. :)

Let the frenzy begin! (Just kidding- it was actually very organized, everyone taking their turn. The boys were very good- super patient for 6-year-olds!)

A Leapster with a Wall-E cartridge- that was a great surprise! Thanks Grandma!

Next, it was Scott and Sara's turn- here's Sara modeling the new cold-weather running cap I got her. Which I went back and bought for myself after Christmas. Hee hee! I needed one too, I decided, that covered my ears properly, and that sported a nice pony-tail hole in the back. Ever do that? Find something really cool for someone else, and then end up getting it for yourself too? You know you have!

Scott and Sara are taking a trip to Patagonia in a couple weeks to celebrate her completion of her PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Berkeley. Yeah, I know. Wow! Here is a link of to a clip of a video that was on the History Channel on which she was interviewed about her research on how things burn in outer space. If you've got a few minutes, watch it. It's fascinating. Yes, she actually works for a branch of NASA. We're so proud of her! :) Anywho, back to presents and Patagonia. Most of the stuff they got were for their trip, including ours. Here's Scott opening our gift- one of those multi-purpose scissor/knife/plier sets.

My mom and dad opening their presents:

And a two pictures taken by Ashton- I think I might need to get this kid a camera for his next birthday. My parents and grandma,

And Kevin, Me, and my brothers Scott and George.

Finally, one of all the "kids."

The next day dawned with snow, and a drive down to Gardnerville to spend the day with Kevin's parents and some fresh homemade tamales! Superb. Greatly enjoyed by all- and I should have taken a picture to post. Oops! Presents were a little more spread out in the morning- in fact, we did some migratory present opening. Presents in every room- talking on the video cam to Boston with Kevin's brother and family and opening presents in the bedroom, and in the dining room talking on the phone to aunts and uncles in L.A. It was great this way, making the Christmas spirit last all morning. Here are the boys opening their first gift:

And the watches we got them- they are learning to tell time, and the digital watches I got them at the Dollar Store lasted a whole day, but both of them insisted on carrying around the stub of a clock face in their pockets. The ones I found for them have hands, and the minutes (by 5's) around the outside rim. Plus they are water resistant and sport Velcro wristbands. They won't even know they're learning.

Think they like them? :)

Elf Ashton trying out his new hat:

And Kevin's parents opening the wine charms I made for them. We even got a chance to use them.

I love the surprise on Astrid's face. Makes it totally worth the time it took me to figure out how to make them.

I made Alice a flower necklace (which I had to take back home to fix- the thread came off the end link and I had to add a jump ring instead- think key chain). Yes, I was very crafty this year. Ha ha!

Me and my girl together:

And one last one of the man getting some opening time too~

Wow! That is a LOT of pictures! Enough to represent the fun and very special time we were lucky enough to share together as a family. Many tremendous thanks to everyone for all the wonderful gifts you gave us. Here's to a great New Year! (Sorry, had to end with a little sap there... :)

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Yan said...

wow, feel like i was there already! great blog entry! our thank-you note will come in the mail, but here is first big THANK YOU for all the surprises we got from "the other Sady family" :) Big growth to you and the boys in every way in 2009, including this BIG blog of yours, Amber!! Cheers! -yan