Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random Words

This morning I corrected Ashton in his pronunciation of "library." He was saying, "liberry," as I'm sure many of you have heard come out the mouths of small children. Well, he's 6 now and his mom works in a library so I figured it was time for him to start saying it correctly. After he repeated "library" several times, he came up with this analyzation of the word: "Mom, saying that makes my mouth taste like bananas."


"It makes your mouth taste like bananas?" "No, just underneath my tongue." Well, okay then. That's an interesting thought- what if all words had a taste associated with it when we said it? And not necessarily the food we might be saying (such as chocolate- although that would make me a very happy girl! All the flavor without the calories?!?!); perhaps the sound would have some influence over the taste. How's this for an example: Computer might taste like popcorn- the hard sound of the c, p and t might be like crunching on popcorn. Am I a dork or what? Do you have any good word taste/sound ideas?

Another random thought: having tons of homework is a great way to get the house clean.


Turi said...

Sounds like synesthesia - check that out on Wikipedia. Or maybe eh just thinks that librarians are bananas...

SnowLeopard said...

One of my favorite YA books was about a girl with synesthesia- she saw different letters and sounds each with their own unique color (and shape for the sounds as well). It's called "A Mango Shaped Space," by Wendy Mass and I cried and cried at the end of that book. (Although not as much as "Taylor 5" by Ann Halem, my other favorite YA book that I read that summer.)

Although librarians very COULD be bananas. I personally know a few who are~ :)

Gretchen said...

"having tons of homework is a great way to get the house clean"
Yup! If I weren't a teacher with lot's of homework, my house would always be dirty I think.
Thanks for all the book suggestions, by the way! I'm always looking for new suggestions for my students, but can never keep up with reading them all myself.

SnowLeopard said...

Hey, no prob! I love to read YA books, but getting my masters really eats away at my "book" time. Luckily I have a long list to fall back on, just so long as my teen patrons don't ask for anything TOO recent. :) Let me know if you need some more RA (reader's advisory for those not familiar with the library lingo...).