Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hamburger Cupcakes

The boys and I tried out a funny new recipe that was posted on Slashfoods (Thanks Turi for sharing this link!) for the 4th of July this year- Hamburger Cupcakes! They really aren't hard; just make your favorite chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, then slice them up, switch middles, add some different colors of buttercream frosting for the lettuce, cheese and ketchup, plus some sesame seeds to make them look realistic, and voi-la! Mini-sliders that cause the funniest double-takes! The boys just BEGGED to make these when they saw the picture of them online, and so they helped me make the cupcake batter. As it turns out, buttercream frosting is a bit of a pain in the keister to make, and I messed it up so bad I had to start over. Three hours later (yes, I made 41 cupcakes like an idiot, not that I needed more than 12), here is the finished product, and I must admit, they did taste as good as they look!


Turi said...

Nice job, those came out very well. I like the sesame seeds. What is the dark one, a veggie burger on a pumpernickel bun?

SnowLeopard said...

Ha ha! Yeah, that's what I was thinking- pumpernickel with a turkey burger. :) I didn't want to waste all those yummy chocolate cupcake pieces! (Of course, I have so much left over that I have enough for a trifle cake too~ Mmmmm...)

Corinne said...

Those do look fun, and easy to make! I'll bet you got some great double takes when those were on a platter!