Saturday, September 22, 2007

Koreen's Birthday

Tonight I went to my best friend's (Melissa) sister's (Koreen) birthday party- quite the bash, complete with dancing, great food, and kids running around like crazy. (Got some cute clips of my own doing some funky dance moves I'd never seen before! Ask me and I'll show you on my camera sometime.) I wanted to post a picture of me and Melissa's (currently in Des Moines, IA) sisters, just to make her jealous and want to come home. :) It's funny how her family always asks me how she is doing, and even her mom said tonight that whenever she sees me, she looks around expecting to see her too. Just as an automatic reflex. Makes me feel good, like I'm part of their family too- they are a very close-knit bunch, and I always feel warm and loved when I'm with them. So here's the picture- see a family resemblance? (I am NOT wearing my tall shoes in this picture, BTW. I am naturally the tall one for once. :)

From the left: Koreen, Clarisse, Me, Erin.

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