Thursday, July 5, 2007

Feed Me!

Family camping up at Stampede last weekend with some friends when this doe meanders near our campsite lipping at some grass here and there. She didn't run away when I pointed her out to the boys, who immediately made a bee-line in her direction, so I ran and grabbed my camera.
Those two are completely mesmorized by her, you can see it in their stance- for four-year-olds, they held pretty darn still for a pretty long time.

I was more and more amazed as I watched this completely tame deer come closer and closer, while my boys inched in her direction. She had no fear of them, or me, when she heard me clicking picture after picture of her- and looked directly at me for two of these.

It's almost like watching a movie, I got so many pics- she just got closer and closer...

And for the glorifying moment, she nuzzles their fingers hoping for a morsel of food. They had nothing to offer her (not sure they even knew she wanted food from them), so she quickly wandered off after that. I must not be a very cautious mother, because it never entered my head that she had rabies or other strange wild diseases, nor did she seem like she would bite or hoof them. I think I was almost as excited as they were, and just let it happen. I'm glad I did, 'cause I think I can be a bit over protective sometimes, and I would have regretted it later had I interfered with this sweet moment. I hope they'll always remember it- almost 5, so they might.

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