Monday, June 18, 2007

Homemade Ravioli

I tried out a new recipe for Prosciutto Ravioli by Giada De Laurentiis for Father's Day yesterday. It is an easy recipe, just very time consuming. I didn't make the the pasta, but used wonton wrappers instead- square ones folded into triangles, and they turned out very pretty. The filling had ricotta cheese, spinach, egg yolk and prosciutto, so it was also pretty healthy. It said 30 min. prep time, but it took me over 2 hours to chop and separate the prosciutto, fill and cook the ravioli- but totally worth it! The recipe also said it would fill 48 wrappers, but I made over 60. Maybe I added a little extra ricotta? This picture is of the pre-cooked ravioli:

They were very tasty, just plain even with no sauce. In her recipe Giada used oregano butter, but straight butter didn't sound so good to me, so I found a light alfredo recipe to use instead with condensed milk, flour and whole baked garlic cloves, mashed. It was the perfect combination because it didn't overpower the filling of the ravioli. Here is a picture of the ravioli cooking, and then cooked (no sauce- they look slimy like little brains):

I also made this cake before I started on the ravioli. It was a recipe for a Patriotic cake out of a Pampered Cheff Cookbook, but I changed 5 of the ingredients to suit what I couldn't find in the store, plus what I already had at my house. It was supposed to be made with pound cake, but I again, I went for a more low-fat recipe and used angel food cake. It was also supposed to have raspberries and blueberries but we ended up with strawberries and blackberries instead. The filling was made with milk, instant pudding, and whipped topping all blended together. It was also super creamy and tasty, and aesthetically pleasing. :)

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