Sunday, May 20, 2007

Water Skiing!

Our friends Greg and Jessica bought a brand new boat last year, and Kevin, as a result, has turned out to be quite the water skiier! (I haven't tried water skiing because I'm afraid I'll reinjure my shoulder, despite Kevin's urging that it's not so hard on his shoulders...) Yesterday we spent the day on Frenchman's Lake in California, and I got lots of pictures of him in the water (pictured to the left here is his favorite, on one ski), and even some video footage on my nice little camera I got for my birthday (I love my camera!!!!). We spent most of the day out on the boat, and my twins also got to spend some time in the driver's seat, and getting pulled in the motopod. Me, I was just happy to spend the day with my camera in hand, sitting in the warm sun with the wind in my hair and a sunny smile on my face. Well, okay, so my hair was braided because it gets knotted pretty easily in the wind, and I did have a hat and sunglasses on (family history of skin cancer on my mother's side), but those are just minor details, and I'm trying to paint a relaxing picture for you!

It was so sunny, and the lake was calm and the temperatures were perfect, and don't you just think that everything tastes better when you're boating or camping? Here are the boys getting ready to go on the motopod- they were so excited because Greg set the speed and then graciously let them steer while each took a turn getting pulled in smaller and smaller circles. What a fun day- thanks Greg and Jess and Abbie for sharing you new toy with us! I tried to attach one of the videos of Kevin on one ski, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet...

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