Monday, November 1, 2010

Martha Speaks

I've been traveling to all of the schools in Carson City giving each student a new library card! The entire staff has been working non-stop entering in all the information into the system, and then I go to a different school each week and talk to every class about all the library has to offer- not only books and music and movies, but also online databases and free live homework help from tutors that students can chat with and get their questions answered by certified teachers. Not to mention all the fun programs we offer- Love on a Leash, Lego Club, book clubs, storytime, and lots more! And I always have a mascot travel with me. Pictured here is Martha, the dog from the PBS show Martha Speaks. And inside? My boss! The library director of the Carson City Library! Isn't that awesome that she is willing to do one of the hottest-I mean most fun-jobs with me? :) I am super excited to see all the students, and already they have been flooding to the library to use the computers and get homework done. And of course, meet and chat with their friends. It's the happenin' place to be!

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