Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spring Green

Yes, I know the summer solstice was on Monday, but only just now is it warming up in Reno. Thought I'd share a couple pictures- one of the ornamental grass that looked so pretty in the setting sun,

and one of the basil plant I recently added to my herb garden. I've been loving fresh basil on my eggs in the morning! I learned a new trick of rolling up the leaf and cutting it into thin strips right on top of what I'm cooking- it's super fast because I use kitchen shears. I hope this warm weather lasts so it doesn't wilt...

Another Spring photo I wanted to post is of my all-star basketball player! Last week Sean and Ashton got to go to an all day, all week camp at Damonte Ranch High School where they learned all sorts of fancy drills and how to shoot and ended each day with a game. A lot of times the coach pitted my boys against each other on opposite teams, but also they played together. Sean got an award for Super Hustler, and Ashton for Great Dribbler.

What talented boys I have! Baseball players and basketball players! :) Lucky mommy~

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