Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Second Day of 2nd Grade!

Yep, I remembered, forgot, remembered, and then forgot to take the boy's picture yesterday morning on their first day of 2nd grade. But not today! I have comparison pictures of their first day of kindergarten and 1st grade- they grew SOOOO much this summer! Amazing. Okay, here's their kindergarten picture first: (Ashton is always in red, Sean in blue.)

And first grade (yes in the same shirts as the previous year- it's what they wanted to wear!). They grew some...

And today's picture: they grew some more! (Sean is saying, "I help my brother a lot!" and is up on his toes a bit, and that's why he looks taller than Ashton.)

Ah, my boys! The days just fly by, and when I take a moment to look at how far you've come in the past year it makes my breath catch. I love you both so much! Just keep growing and growing~

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Turi said...

What a great way to track their growth over the years. Hope they're having fun at school!