Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scheels 5K Hop-A-Long

Yep, back to the races! Finally my back is healing enough to do some short runs (not always in the morning because it takes a while to loosen up), and today was one such day! I forgot my camera, so no pictures of me in my bunny suit today. Darn. ;) Scheels hosted it's second ever 5K this morning benefiting the Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northern Nevada, the Hop-A-Long, and lucky for me, there were not many in attendance. I didn't set any PRs (I did on their 5K course in November, but this one was different- more of an out and back instead of a loop around the Marina, and shorter?)- actually I was over a minute slower because I was being conservative since I was running mostly on concrete, and because I haven't been able to train like I was last year. But that's okay! I ran with my friend Ben who plays trumpet with me in the UNR Alumni Wind Symphony (who totally smoked me in the sprint to the finish!). But I got second place in my age group again! My time was 26:03, but the woman who beat me actually was the fastest female of the day and came in at 17:17. No chances there for a gold. But I am happy, and along with my medal, I got a $10 gift card to Scheels! Yay! I wonder if I can buy anything with that? Socks maybe? Yeah- more running socks!

I'll post more here when the official results come out.

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